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Today Vanessa and I went to the mall. We caught the bus straight after school, and as it was Vanessa's first time on a bus, she was very excited. 

We arrived at the mall and after getting money out and buying a drink each we went into Hoyts. We asked for a job application form but as it turns out, we now have to write resumes... goodie.

Next we went to Dymocks, then the Discount Dymocks, and then a few more places. Vanessa and I then went into JB Hi-Fi and I bought a CD and Vanessa bought a movie. 

After we got bored of that we went to see out friend Grace who was working. We asked her stupid questions like "Where might I find hankerchiefs?" When they were on the front of the counter where we were standing. 

Later we went to The Music Shop and got some food. That's where we ran into Emily and Amy, who looked very jittery. As it turns out they were trying to get away from some other people they were supossed to see a movie with, bit had changed their minds. So they wanted to get away from them so they didn't feel so bad for lying to them and ditching them. We kept scaring them by saying "Oh-no! There they are!" It was hilarious, it made me laugh so much my stomach hurt. 

So we stood with them for a while then went to the Newsagency and went to Coles then stood with them some more, until they left. 

Then we looked at the shoe shop and somewhere else I can't remember and then Vanessa's mum picked us up. 

All in all, a very excellent adventure to the mall.


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Mar. 20th, 2009 10:26 am (UTC)
YAY we had fun lol
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